Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tools for stronger local democracies to improve efficiency by bringing citizens and cities closer together, making government more responsive and effective. We strive to use modern technology to get every citizen involved in the decision making process of local government with equal access to opportunities and information.

With a deep understanding of the needs, requirements and priorities of local government, we have designed a system capable of handling millions of users. Our experts designed the platform to integrate smoothly with the existing public service systems without any change in the process flow. This enables those governing locally to tackle the new challenge of engaging with the on-the-go population in a cost-effective and efficient way.

How we work to deliver the platform and app within 60 days

  • 1. Request of an online demo

    To know more about the platform, book a 25 minute online demonstration of our system.

  • 2. Happy with our Platform ?

    After the no-obligation demonstration, we will initiate the process to build a mock up app once you are happy with our platform.

  • 3. Customisation

    Our team will work with you to frame the design and functionality requirements for the app platform. The platform needs to be customised to work with the existing systems.

  • 4. Building the first version of the app and platform

    We will build the first custom version of the app and the platform with 30 days based on the  customisation requirements collected, so the local governance team can start testing the system.

  • 5. Fine Tuning

    The app can be deployed to selected groups within the local community for trial testing and for collecting feedback. Relevant feedback from these groups will be implemented to fine-tune the app.

  • 6. Going Live

    Once the app is fine-tuned and the bugs are fixed, it’s time to go live. The custom named app will be uploaded to the Google Play Store / the Apple App Store and local governance can start with promoting the app.